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Course Introduction

Welcome to Utilizing SharePoint Technologies in the Classroom.  In this Sharepoint site you will find tutorials and instructions on what you should be placing on your k12 teacher sharepoint site.  There will be some of the material that you may not need but it will still be available on this site.

Some of you have started your SharePoint sites using SharePoint 2007.  At the end of June the state moved all SharePoint sites to SharePoint 2010.  This will require you to use SharePoint Designer 2010 when using designer.  You can keep your site looking like a 2007 site, however any new sites created will take on the look of 2010.  The menus are similiar but in different locations.

Many of the documents are from the K12 Data Center's Support section. 

If you have any questions please email me at or


​Moving from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

In June 2011, the K12 Data Center Updated the SharePoint Sites from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.  With this move it looks visually different as well as gives you a lot more functionality in the site and makes it even easier to edit.  You do not need to change the way your site looks, however I strongly recommend it.  Also any new parts you add will take on the look of 2010, so it makes the most sense.
If your site does not look like the one you are viewing I strongly suggest you go through these steps.  The steps to make the change can be found at upgrading to 2010.

 SharePoint Tutorials

Allowing Anonymous Access.pdf
Customizing the Look and Feel of your site.pdf
Requesting a SharePoint Site.pdf
Resizing an image for an icon.pdf
Upgrading to 2010.pdf

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