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Rob Honomichl > Digital Imaging

In this course we will be exploring both digital photography and editing digital pictures using PhotoShop Elements 2.0.  We will explore the skills and techniques for effect pictures, visual design and self expression.  This is a project based course that requires creativity and the ability to visualize and work throughout the class period.  There are some outside assignments, but most of the work will be done in the class.  At the end of the trimester each student will create an electronic portfolio of their work.   This course will give students time to work and explore the nature of digital imaging.  

Grading for the course:

Students will receive 5 points a day for the work that they are doing.  The concept behind this is so that students that get done with projects will continue to learn more about the program and to keep practicing.  Students will have 1 to 2 projects a week that will be worth between 25 and 50 points.  Students are encouraged to make more than one example to help them practice and search out new techniques.  

If you are done with assignments Occasionally you are done with the assignment and you have it a mental block on what else you want to create.  To help you with that I have listed a few sites that will help to give you ideas as well as help you to create more skills in the area of PhotoShop. 

  1. Photo Challenge - This site gives you a collection of photos in which the challenge is to create something with at least one of the pictures in the collection.  

  2. PSWorkshop

  3. Wacom Photoshop Tips

  4. PhotoShop Roadmap

  5. PhotoShop Support

Assignment 0  
Practice using the filters, effects, layer styles, and layer blending modes within Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Do get a better idea of what you can do in the program go to to learn new Photoshop tutorials. 
Work on using the selection tools and creating and editing individual layers.  Save things that you create to help you understand how much you are learning and finding out about the program.  

Assignment 1
For your first project you need to create an image with seven to ten different layers.  An idea for this example is a collage that focuses on a person, event, activity, group, or interest.  This assignment will reinforce the type of ways to select items and how to manipulate different layers.  Click on the Links below to see an example of a photo collage

Bob Marley Collage Johnny Cash Collage Michael Jordan Collage Ali Collage
Ben Harper Collage G-Love Collage Donavon Frankenrieter Collage Jack Johnson Collage
Kevin Garnett Collage David Beckham Collage Jordan Logo  

Assignment 2For assignment 2 you will be creating an image/collage based on what MHS is to you.  This can include the activities you are in, your friends, etc., etc.  Remember these need to be positive images of the school and how you feel about it.  This assignment will reinforce a variety of skills and we will look at a couple new ones.  

  1. Burning Bulldog

  2. Burning Bulldog Equalize

  3. Burning Bulldog Gradient Map

  4. Burning Bulldog Invert

  5. Sports

  6. Football

  7. Tuba Player

Assignment 3In assignment 3 you will be demonstrating the use of various design principles.  The principles we are going to be working with are repetition, movement, and tempo.  You need to create a picture that effectively uses these principles.  Click on a link below to see an example.

  1. Ball in Motion

  2. Player in Motion  

  3. Blur to Original

  4. Blur from Original

  5. Tiger Woods

Assignment 4We are going to start looking at other ways to come up with ideas for collages.  In this assignment you will be creating a image based on a relaxation techniques called guided imagery.  The name of the guided imagery is called "The Island".  We will listen to the CD as a class and then you will begin creating your image.   Assignment 5Part 1Because the end of the week is the first day of winter, I want you to create a collage dealing with what you think of when you think of winter.  Make sure to use multiple layers that overlay each other and use various transparency changes to reach different effects.  

  1. Fall Collage 2003

  2. Fall Collage 2004

  3. Fall Collage 2005 - Black Cat

Part 2Create a Picture where your subject is fruitPart 3Create a Picture where your subject is timeAssignment 6 In Assignment 6 you should be showing your understanding of the design elements proximity, proportion, and perspective.  To demonstrate this principles you are to create a surreal picture in which the proportion of images are unrealistic but through perspectives you can make them look real.    Click on any of the links below to get an idea of how to use perspective and proportion to create an aesthetically appealing and interesting image. 

  1. Minneapolis

  2. Barry Bonds

  3. Ohio State University 

  4. Frozen Tundra

  5. Women's Gold Medal Soccer Team

Assignment 7In Assignment 7 you are to take a movie poster and recreate it with other people.  Below are examples of movie posters in which I changed the characters, movie title and other aspects of the poster.  You should try to find images similar to that in the original picture.  Make sure you save both the original and the new image.  This will work heavily with selections and layers.  You can even include pictures of yourself and friends in the composition.  



Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Ball

Goodfellas Original

Goodfellas Remake

Goodfellas 2

Goodfellas 2

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Old School

Old School

Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch (KERRY)

Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch (BUSH)

Three Kings

Three Kings



Assignment 8 - EmphasisIn assignment 8 you will be creating a minimum of 5 separate images that use the design principle of emphasis. Emphasis – Causes one element or area of a visual image to be more important than the other parts and makes it attract the viewers attention. 

  • Create one image that has contrast between the focus of the image and the background .

  • Create one image in which the focus is isolated to make it the focal point of the image.

  • Create one image in which the location helps to create an emphasis on the focus of the image

  • Create one image in which repetition makes the focus element stand out.  

  • Create one image in which the use of color, effects, filters, blurs, etc. draws the attention to the focus of the composition. 





Example of contrast between the focus of the picture and the background.  The viewers eyes are attracted to the darker portion of the image with is the focus of the piece.  

Contrast Picture Jordan


Example of Isolation - Because the subject of the image is the only person in the image and is surrounded by objects repeated throughout the image his isolation helps to draw the viewers eye to him.  It makes you wonder, "Why is a guy standing in a cornfield?"

Isolation Picture


Example of location to create an emphasis on the focus of the image.  Because of the location, size, and breaking the frame, the viewers eye is drawn to the figure in the bottom right corner.

Location Picture


A good example of a picture using repetition to make something stand out is if you have a group of people walking down the street and they are all clones of the same person and in the middle of them is someone completely different.  Your eye is attracted to the item that is different.  

Repetition Picture

Use of Color

Example of how to use color to draw attention to the focus of the image.  Here the focus is everyone's 3D Glasses that is why they are in color while the rest of the photo is in black and white.

Use of Color Warhol Style - Here is another example of how color can draw a viewer's attention.  This technique is similar to what made Andy Warhol famous.

Other Examples of Emphasis

Use of Color

Apple Stoplight

Jordan in Suit

Jordan in Wizard

4 pictures of Liz Hurley

Red Eyed Hurley

Green Eyed Hurley

Blue Eyed Hurley

Orange Eyed Hurley

Lebron Painting

Gaussian Blur Border 
& Use of Color




Little Brown Jug





MJ Mosaic I

MJ Mosaic II

MJ Mosaic III

MJ Mosaic Background

Beth's Christmas Card


Jordan Color Grid

Jordan Grid 1

Jordan Grid 2

Jordan Grid 3

Jordan Grid 4

On the side are examples of using filters, blurs, effects, and color to add emphasis to the focus of your image.  The Picture is of Chris Perry of the Michigan Wolverines Original

Faded Vignette Background



Sun Faded Background

Black and White Background

Blur/Swirl Background

Halftone background

Creating a Negative

Lebron Negative

Polar Coordinates

Cleveland around Lebron

Cutout Filter

Jack Johnson Cutout

Jordan Cutout

Jordan with Color and Cutout

Ray Charles Cutout

Frank Sinatra Cutout

Johnny Carson Cutout

Johnny Carson Cutout

Lloyd Carr 1

Lloyd Carr 2

Assignment 9 - Creating Magazine Ads and CoversIn assignment 9 you will be creating two separate images.  You will be creating a magazine cover or an ad for Assignment 9.  Unlike the movie poster you will be creating these images from scratch.  You will have to find the type, pictures, and ideas for your cover or ad.  You can replicate an ad or cover or you can make one that you make up. As you are working on this assignment think about how a magazine is laid out and what items they have on them.  Think about the way that type works together and how you use all the cover space.

Assignment 10 - Creating pictures based on words In assignment 10 you will be selecting three words from the five categories listed below.   You will be creating a picture based on that word.  The only stipulation is that you can include the word in your picture, so you can't just type the word love and have hearts around it you need to make it mean something.  There are many times advertisers want to portray a feeling with out coming straight out and telling you what that feeling is, that is what you are doing inside this picture.  Think about all the things that go through your mind when you think about these words.In preparation for this assignment we will be jotting down things that we think of based on these words.  In class we will be doing it for all nine words that I have listed and then you will pick from the three categories to create your pictures.  You are always welcomed to create more than the three, or to create other pictures based on other words, once you three words are completed.Most of this tutorial will work to make a glass ball -
Replace the blue layer with a picture to use this glass effect -
Other cool PhotoShop Effects -
Other cool PhotoShop Effects -

Anger or Excitement

Dream or Nightmare

Peaceful  or Serenity


Power or Energy

Anger Definition
Excitement Definition

Dream Definition
Nightmare Definition

Peaceful Definition
Serenity Definition

Love Definition

Power Definition
Energy Definition


Dream with orb
Dream inside of orb
Black and White Literal Nightmare
Green Literal Nightmare
Literal Dream



Energy with Lens Flare
Energy with lightened layer


Assignment 11 - Create a picture based on a songRedemption Song
No Woman No CryAssignment 12 - Create an abstract picture based on a song

Final Project Your final project is to create a series of pictures that incorporate everything you have learned throughout this trimester.  Make sure you think about the different design principles and incorporate them into your work.  This should be a progressive piece of work.  In this assignment you are to create a minimum of 5 different images.  As you think about a series of pictures think of something like a calendar or a series of ads that are all similar and have a relationship.  The final project is worth about 20% of your grade so it is not something you want to rush through.  Series 1 NBA TEAMS


Atlanta Hawks

Boston Celtics

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Dallas Mavericks

Denver Nuggets

Detroit Pistons

Golden State Warriors

Houston Rockets

Indiana Pacers

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers

Memphis Grizzlies

Milwaukee Bucks

Miami Heat

Minnesota Timberwolves

New Orleans Hornets

New York Knicks

New Jersey Nets

Orlando Magic

Philadelphia 76er's

Phoenix Suns

Portland Trailblazers

San Antonio Spurs

Sacramento Kings

Toronto Raptors

Seattle SuperSonics

Washington Wizards